I Play n Explore

I Play was established in 2012 by Ms. Anna Liza P. Zulueta, an indoor playground with new level of fun and play design and conceptualize to kids to young adult. I Play n Explore focuses much on variety of exploration in terms of thrill and excitement.
Materials/Equipment are mostly imported and with specific design for the new level of fun.
I Play n Explore has an office addressed at #1 Moonstone St., Pilar Village, Las Pinas City. Has more than 100 employees and still counting. I Play company ensures every materials/equipment are safe and well-designed to ensure the safety of our clients. The company continue to innovate and create more excitement and thrilled design with consideration to environment as well to being of our clients.

The employees especially the owner continue to seek fun and bring the fun of play to a higher level where kids will experience the thrill and excitement inside the mall. One of the specialty of I Play to bring the activities of fun and excitement by bringing the level of battery-operated cars/motors, bounce, and other outdoor play inside the space of a mall where customers will not encounter any danger and uncomfortable risk of playing.

Our Vision

Strengthen and help our society to
improve life and give leisure to the time
of challenges and changing
environment. To keep intact the basic
and to explore play into much
considerate level the company visualize
to give Filipino society a healthy and
helping hand to work together to give
strength not only to the world of
business but to be part of the growing
economy of our country

Our Mission

To continue to give fun and smile to
Filipino kids with assurance of safety.
I Play will continue t explore new
play concepts which will give kids to
more exploration and go beyond of
playing to overcome the couch
potato gadgets and give more life to
Filipino kids by doing activities and
excitement with consideration to
building strength of body and mind